industrial / commercial

Resolute's industrial/commercial clients include, among others, a Fortune 150 company and a former textile manufacturer. Our Fortune 150 client gives us their most challenging hazardous waste sites, as well as their most confidential work, on which we coordinate with their staff and outside legal counsel to develop technical and regulatory strategies to minimize their environmental liabilities. A Fortune 150 company has a wide range of options of consultants with whom they can do business, and we are honored to be chosen to provide them with our service.

For the former textile manufacturing company, which is at the end of its corporate life and whose last facility is a complex hazardous waste site, we have not only developed a cost-effective remedy, but have provided support to their outside counsel in the creation and negotiation of an environmental trust (one of only two in the state of Georgia) for their ongoing liabilities, as well as support for their insurance coverage and settlement negotiations.

law firms

We have excellent working relationships with a number of partners at well-known national and international law firms.

We work with these firms in two primary ways: those in which we have mutual clients, and those in which Resolute is under contract to the law firm to provide expert or confidential services to the firm and their client.

government agencies & municipalities

Resolute has worked with both state agencies and local municipalities to resolve their environmental issues or water resources needs. In one example, Resolute assessed and successfully remediated a hazardous waste site on property owned by a state agency. The remediation completion report was approved without comment by the Environmental Protection Division and the site was removed from the Hazardous Site Inventory. In a different project, Resolute performed an aquifer test and developed options to significantly increase groundwater supply to a municipality.

consulting firms

We also work with other consulting firms to provide specialized expertise to their clients. Resolute subcontracted to a nationally-known consulting firm to provide expert witness services related to hazardous waste remediation.

Resolute is very experienced in working as part of a team of consultants, legal counsel, and clients, regardless of the exact composition of the team.

our wide spectrum of clients